Similarities & Correspondences of novel coronavirus (CoV), SARS and MERS in KSA

Review Article

Author Details : Dalia M Mohsen*, Khaled Alawam, Dalia K. El Dein, Mohammed H Fagir, Motasim A. Alatieh

Volume : 6, Issue : 2, Year : 2020

Article Page : 75-82

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Objectives: There is an existing outbreak of a Novel coronavirus (CoV), pandemics, which discovered
from Wuhan in China and has now spread to more countries Accordingly, to provide an impression of the
major deadly three coronaviruses and recognize areas for improvement of future action plans preparedness,
as well as provide risk assessment plan for stopping their spread and implementing learned lessons from
the coronavirus outbreaks.
Materials and Methods: Transparency, Preparedness, and sharing of information are crucial to risk
assessments by Utilizing an inclusive review of literature, Comparisons between the information obtained
regarding clinical signs, treatment and diagnosis, spread, prevention measures and risk factors for (MERS)
(SARS) and (CoV) were made.
Results: Insufficient risk assessment concerning the urgency of the situation, led to the fast spread of (CoV)
throughout China. (CoV) has spread more quickly compared with SARS and MERS. Due to its worldwide
Conclusions: The new study accomplished that we cannot learn a lot from the two previous epidemics
of corona infection and were ill-prepared to deal with the (CoV) pandemic. Upcoming studies should
challenge to report the uses and implications of internet of technologies for tracking the spread of infection.

Keywords: KSA MERS, SARS, Novel Coronavirus, Wuhan, Virological diagnosis.

How to cite : Mohsen D M, Alawam K, Dein D K E, Fagir M H, Alatieh M A, Similarities & Correspondences of novel coronavirus (CoV), SARS and MERS in KSA. IP Int J Med Microbiol Trop Dis 2020;6(2):75-82

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